My name is Laurie.  My passion is finding space -literally and figuratively.

I am particularly thrilled by knocking down walls to open up cramped spaces, and putting windows where there were only solid walls before.   Working within the original walls of a home,  to create a new and more functional footprint.  Not necessarily more space, but found space made functional.

I grew up in a very small, 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom house with my two siblings and parents.   My Mother, an endearing neat-freak, was endlessly frustrated by the clutter of five people living in a small space that did not have enough storage, much less a functional layout. It colored our entire lives.   I strive to avoid that frustration, and wish to create a comfortable and modern home for my husband and me, and our sons, 12 and 16.   Because I work from a home office, this house must function on many levels.

Intrigued with the light-affirming, life-improving effect of renovating and improving our 44-year-old Colonial home in a typical Maryland suburban neighborhood over many years, I want to share our ideas, improvements and lessons learned, as well as explore many areas of design.   Our home is currently traditional/modern with an increasingly open floor plan, and our goal is to use every square foot of this home in a productive, enjoyable way.

During a significant renovation push that started on January 9, 2010, and is still in process, I had the good fortune to meet a professional designer, who has been helping people like me make their homes interesting, beautiful and functional for 30 years.

Patrick has become a friend, and a member of the family, as well as consultant.  I am not kidding when I say he is also a marriage mediator when it comes to matters of the house.  He provides that detached, professional opinion that enables me and my husband, Lou, to get past emotional blocks to critical decisions.  He’s also the right amount of bossy!

Patrick provides inspiration and expertise for FoundSpace Design, and other design projects, to bring great ideas for home design and improvement to people like me – professionals raising children, in the middle stage of life, who plan to stay in their homes during this economy, and while their kids are in school.

This site is about when to DIY and when to hire professional help.   How to mix IKEA with Stickley and Brown-Jordan.

Let’s make the most of what we have.  It can be functional, and beautiful.


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