Danny’s room

Oh my gosh, it’s been crazy town around here and I have been terrible about taking care of FoundSpace.  But we have house updates!  

We have almost finished the bedroom of our 16 year old, Danny, and he moved into the room about two weeks ago, after being a displaced person since before Christmas.  You should have heard the complaining from him when we offered to make him an amazing room by knocking the wall down between his room and the guest room. Woo baby, you would’ve thought we were doing the opposite and telling him that we were about to erect a wall in his previously cramped room and expected him to live in a windowless cell, with a slot in the door to receive a crust of bread and tap water for dinner every night.

No, we were offering to expand his cramped space, which we had painted an unfortunate dark blue in the wrong finish – read, shiny – and to make it hip and functional and friend-friendly, by removing the wall to the middle bedroom of our 4-bedroom second floor and making one spectacular room that is 12×26’. 

The two rooms have served multiple purposes through the years.  The corner room was originally the guest room, when the middle bed room served as Danny’s nursery.  Eventually, the corner room was shared by Danny and Ben, who had a beautiful loft bed system designed for them by Hardwood Artisans in Rockville, MD.  We have disassembled that system over the past few years when Ben moved into the tiny bedroom at the top of the stairs, and Danny stayed in the corner.  Danny is still using the double bed platform, and the dresser, which has a small plaque that says “made for Danny and Ben, 2001”.

We wanted the room to be spacious, light, functional, welcoming, hip and fun.    We wanted to be sure that it did not look like we had done a hack job of whacking down a wall, and saying, voila, big room!  We wanted to maximize closet space, and make the closet as functional as possible.  It houses Danny’s clothes as well as my business wardrobe, which consumes about 40% of the space.

With designer Patrick, we discussed the repurposing of furniture, the layout of the room, placement of doors, expansion of closet and installation of lights.  We took into early consideration the art and photos that we will hang, choosing a very special print, shot by my dear friend David Brashear,  that we’ve enlarged to something like  33”x52” as a focal point of the room.

Lou has always wanted to incorporate transom windows in these bedrooms, to capture what light we can possibly bring into the long dark hallway, and this presented the perfect opportunity to add this architectural element.

There is much to share, and detail, but here are a few photos before :

Corner Bedroom 2009 (looks nice, doesn’t it – It was the day I finished painting and putting it together.  Never looked this good again!):


I am searching for good samples of what the 2nd bedroom looked like, prior to construction, but we didn’t used to take a ton of photos, pre-digital, and before my obsession with “before” and “after” documentation.  I’m kicking myself. 

Everyone – take pictures of everything right now!  Then take pictures, even when you are just changing a light bulb!

Ok, Here are pictures from the identical house in the neighborhood, which is still in its original state, that I took recently :

Corner bedroom


Middle bedroom


See the closet there on the right?   That is the one that we brought into our master bedroom closet.

Anyway, for today, long story short – Danny has a fabulous new room.   I plan to walk through many of the details and more of the construction photos, and describe the elements of the room like the carpet, curtains, fan, lighting, pillows etc., but here is the Big Reveal :




His friend Lily (in the photo)  visited recently and said something like, “Oh my God.  This is the best bedroom EVER”.

Which is, quite frankly, exactly the reaction we were going for.

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