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So.  I’m 30 days behind in my 31 Days to Build a Better Blog course offered by Darren Rowse, the man behind the excellent, instructional site ProBlogger at   But, I have actually skimmed all of the lessons, and Day 7 is particularly important and relevant — linking to other blogs of relevance.

(Well, would you look at that?  I just linked to Darren!   I hope I get an “A” for Day 7).

Here is the exciting reason for today’s post.   I stumbled down to make coffee this morning, picking up the papers from where Ben had flung them inside the door on his mad rush to the bus stop. The Montgomery Local Living section was on top, with this great article about one of my absolute favorite blog sites, and blogger couple, Sherry and John Petersik.   Have a look at this amazing press in today’s Washington Post ;

Sherry and John!   I know so much about them from checking on their blog at least once, if not twice a day, they feel like family.  I absolutely contribute to the 3.5 million (MILLION) hits on this site, monthly.

The author of the article captures all of the reasons I love YHL.  This couple is adorable in all ways; they are so cheerful, accessible and witty, and they anticipate exactly what readers/homeowners/DIY’ers want to know, explaining everything they do in a ton of detail, and with many photos of the process, not just the before and after.  They have no formal design or renovation training but, boy, can they put a room together. All by themselves, and on a budget.  Smart.  They’re very, very smart.

YHL has not only been an excellent resource for design- and home-related topics for me but,  more interestingly, an excellent tutorial on how to produce and maintain a dizzyingly successful blog as I’ve put my toe into this crazy blogosphere recently.  I study their site.   I think that maybe FoundSpace should be like a YHL for the middle-aged, we’ve-lived-here-a-while-and-our-needs-are-changing set.  My seat of pants research says it is an unserved market.

As Sherry and John both came from the advertising world, it is no surprise that their advertising section is well put together.   They also highlight their advertisers’ goods and services on a monthly basis, adding an extremely important personal touch and recommendation for every sponsor.     Their store section, where you can link from the site to purchase many of the items in their house, or things they use (like their camera) also has a personal recommendation — not a sales pitch, mind you, but an earnest description – of why they love each and every item.   And you feel a tremendous desire to click “buy”.

For instance, at their suggestion, and because of their blog entry, Danny and I drove 240 miles roundtrip to buy mattresses at The Original Mattress Factory.

Four total hours of driving, but only 20 minutes of decision time before we were loading 2 mattresses into our van.  Thanks to YHL’s research and recommendation, I bet the net-net of our mattress time was less than I would have spent traipsing around the suburbs and not being sure of what I was actually getting at these mattress discount joints.   Plus, was a kick of a road trip with my teenager.

So here’s to Sherry and John.    Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition for the hard work of living your dream, and thanks for sharing.

Please come and house-crash 1501 this spring?  Bring Clara and Burger, and have a beer with us?   Our houses may have been built by the same builder, the same year,  so let’s swap notes. With the bedrooms amd closet almost done, Lou probably needs a new project or two, anyway.

And John can look at all the power tools in our shed.  It will be a rollicking good time.

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