PS measure twice cut once (oh the irony!)


This is so stupid.

But, it’s funny.  Sort of.

If you read the last entry, after all of the drama, the end result is that I have a new credit card, and no Big Irony table.

Here’s the real irony.    I thought that I had miscalculated, mismeasured, or mis-heard the measurements of the room.   I thought that I was wrong about the 11’8″ width of the room, because I was looking at our contractor’s hand-done drawing that said, “10’1”.  In black and white.

Our contractor is possibly dyslexic (and I truly mean no offense to those suffering this disorder. It’s a fact.)  The room is not 10’1″!    It is also not 11’8″.   Actually, it is 11’10”.   Ten feet one inch vs eleven feet ten inches?  See? Oh. My. Goodness.

You know, I think that Lou and I measured the room, and that is where I got my 11’8″ measurement.  But during the utter panic I went through about ordering the wrong size piece of furniture, did I ever take a tape measure and go up to the room and check it out?  No.  I did not.

So.   Patrick thinks that we still should get a 90″+ table.  Danny thinks that would be a great too, and would allow him to really spread out. There are not many choices.   Crate and Barrel has one but it only comes in red :

but, we’re kind of grooving on orange carpet from FLOR called Feelin’ Groovy, and looks like this :

We need to decide which direction we’re really going.  I think Big Irony plus Feelin’ Groovy : Orange, is a good combo.  But, I am not feeling good about the 94″ length and here is why.

This is an investment piece, and either Danny or Lou and I will take this piece to our next abode.    Danny will be starting out in a string of apartments.   Lou and I will be downsizing.   It takes a really specific – and very large – space to support a 94″ long table.   I think that a 73″ long table is a much more practical, and versatile investment.

I found a place in Vegas that apparently sells the Zeus Big Irony table.   Let’s see how it goes.

Measure!  Measure measure.  Then order.  With your new credit card, preferably one that has merchant dispute protection.

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