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before and after

One of the many reasons I wish I’d started this blog a long time ago — like way before blogs were even invented – is that we’d have such an amazing history of the evolution of our home. I envy … Continue reading

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PS measure twice cut once (oh the irony!)

OK. This is so stupid. But, it’s funny. ┬áSort of. If you read the last entry, after all of the drama, the end result is that I have a new credit card, and no Big Irony table. Here’s the real … Continue reading

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the big irony (mea culpa)

I’m not going to go into all kinds of details and I’m not going to belabor this point. ┬áBut, I screwed up, both in a design sense and in a buyer-beware sense, and I’m going to share. Here is my … Continue reading

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