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Good news for us!  Our little master-bedroom closet is growing up.  We soon will not have to do finger quotes anymore when we say the words “walk-in closet”.   We are reclaiming the space from the small closet in the spare bedroom next to our master bedroom closet, as we close off the wall in that room (more on the overall project to come).

Busting out the wall on Friday to see what the structure looked like produced a bunch of opportunity, and we’ve been discussing how to best utilize the space in this closet for maximum storage and organization.  I will miss those towering piles of tshirts and sweatpants, I know.

Here is a photo from the door of the closet — the added space is to the left of the end of the hardwood floor:








This morning we decided we can fit two 27-inch cabinets side by side on the back wall of our expanding closet.

The cabinets will fit into the sloped eave of the roofline, previously a crawl space.  They’ll look something like this :

Further, and this news had me literally clapping my hands with delight, in the 21 inches of remaining space to the left and right of these cabinets we can insert inexpensive shelves to store things we occasionally need to access.  Or, a suggestion was made, what about those drawers from The Container Store?    “Ooo!”, I exclaimed,  “Remember when we had all of that Elfa shelving in the boys’ room a few years ago?”  So, Lou went right down to the garage and came back with these :

They are exactly the right size to insert into a cabinet frame that will be built.  Recycled, repurposed.  No more money out.  Making space in the garage where they were sitting.   And, 3 big and 1 small Elfa drawer on each side of the 4 new big and 2 new small drawers in the middle.


I feel faint.

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